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This page is here to help you get familiarized with the game play on Minecraft.

Wait out your first night in the spawn area, talk to other players and maybe forage for food in the community gardens.
When the sun comes up its off to find a new home, head out from spawn in your desired direction. Do not build within 200 blocks of spawn, or with 200 blocks of another player.
We have a datapack that drops heads from all mobs when killed on a rare occasion. Plus the Ender Dragon drops Elytra's, and Enderman rarely drop Shulker shells. This is to help curb the issue of The End being raided.
We use a Single Player Sleep datapack that allows a single person to sleep to make night go slightly faster. The more people that sleep the faster the night goes. It is calculated by how many players are on-line and how many players are sleeping.

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